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2020 and The Great Victorian Amusement Company Farewell

It seems like people this year can’t just say ‘Happy New Year’. They have to add something like, ‘I can’t wait for 2020 to be over’ or ‘I can’t wait for 2020 to be in the rearview mirror’. As if the year is to blame for the pandemic, like if we could have skipped 2020...

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Welcome Aboard!

All parents dream of their children growing up, becoming adults and starting their own life. Both Lou and Loren have started on their career path and it is fun to watch their journey. Lou has always had difficulty socializing with kids his own age. Throughout his...

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Can Relentlessness Pay Off?

As I spoke about in one of my first posts, Lou has always been someone who set goals for himself and doggedly and single mindedly pursued them. His dad and I always said he was relentless, but we did not think of it as a positive trait, especially when directed at us....

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Getting an Accurate Temperature is not Easy

This month Loren started back working at the before and after school program. She has to take her temperature everyday before going into school. She likes getting a paycheck again, but is not too sure about being among so many people. Last week I went into her room to...

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Don’t Blink!

This month I hit a milestone, I turned 60. Unbelievable, where has the time gone? I am reminded of the Kenny Chesney song ‘Don’t Blink.' I remember when I was 20 thinking that when we hit the year 2000, I would be 40 years old and I could not imagine that. I could not...

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On the Road Again!

Another successful trip this past month. Four days at Turning Stone. Lou and I played a round of golf while the kids slept in. Playing golf, like everything else, has new rules due to social distancing. Only 1 person per golf cart. I wanted to walk so we asked if Lou...

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