Mom's Corner

A New Year, a New Decade

As we start a new year and a new decade, I think back over not only the past year but decade. So much has happened. Louis and Loren graduated high school and then college and have started their careers. Loren is working in her field of child development and...

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Christmases Remembered

Since this month is December I can think of no other topic more appropriate to talk about than Christmas. At this time of year I always think back to our past Christmases. There are so many memories, including the year Lou and his twin sister, Loren, were 3 and we all...

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Know what you want and never give up

Kids learn at an early age what it takes to get their way. Who hasn’t been in the store and seen that harried parent of the toddler who was saying ‘Can I have that, Mom? Please? Pleeeeeeease? Pleeeeeease? Why not?’ You can see that the mom is trying to hold on and be...

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Introduction to Mom’s Corner

I am proud to have a corner in Lou’s website to be able to speak with you. Lou first asked for my participation in his journey by writing the Introduction for his first book, ‘My Disability Doesn’t Define Me’. I was very flattered although I did not know what I was...

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