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The Art of Selecting the Perfect Card

There are many ways to select a greeting card. Some people, like me, read every card and then go back and reread them to find the perfect one. Others, select them by the graphics, others select musical ones and on and on. Early in our marriage, my husband, Lou, told...

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It’s People who Make an Office

I have worked in an office for over 40 years. The last office I worked in for over 15 years and I spent more time with people in the office on a weekly basis than I did with my husband and children. We celebrated in happy times; wedding showers, birthdays, buying a...

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The Changing of the Seasons

Lou and I have been talking about getting out of New York for years and eventually, we will find the right place, at the right time. We will move to a warmer climate and be able to enjoy golfing, camping and being outdoors all year round. Although I do look forward to...

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A Difficult Month

I am having a difficult time writing the blog this month. Loren just came by, looked at the computer and commented that I hadn’t written anything yet.  ‘It’s been a tough month,' she said to me. She is right. It has been. I just want to say that I am heartbroken for...

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Potayto, Potahto

When we were in Tennessee over the new year, Loren and I were in the car one night talking. With the new year a few days away, the subject of goals for the next year came up. Loren said she had written goals for herself but she was reluctant to share them with me...

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Where Would We Be Without Our Superstitions?

Knock on wood for good luck Friday the 13 is unlucky Four leaf clovers are lucky Cross your fingers for luck Bad news comes in threes Break a mirror for 7 years bad luck Walking under a ladder is bad luck The list is endless. There are common ones that everyone knows...

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