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I am the author of My Disability Doesn’t Define Me, a memoir of my time through school with a physical disability.

If you are interested in learning my tips and techniques and how they could help you from being handicapped to being handicable, even if you don’t have a disability, click the button below to learn more about My Disability Doesn’t Define Me.

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Vendetti’s memoir details the difficult journey to becoming his own strongest advocate. Through heartfelt personal examples and anecdotes from his support system, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look into how he challenged labels and overcame each new obstacle. Perfect for parents, teachers, and students tied up in school bureaucracy, his story will inspire anyone seeking to conquer the seemingly impossible.

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Lou’s Views

RVing Then and Now

RVing Then and Now

The Springfield RV show is this weekend and we are making our annual trip over to see the new RVs and plan our vacations for this summer. We are not planning on buying an RV, but you never know with my parents. Our first camping trip, we went tent camping in Herikmer....

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My 2019 Review Post

My 2019 Review Post

The idea of writing a blog post reviewing the year was inspired by my friend, Elizabeth Buckley-Goddard, who publishes her own posts reviewing the year. Thanks for the idea, Lizzy! x January Published my first book, My Disability Doesn't Define Me, on Amazon Had my...

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Mom’s Corner

A Bumpy Start to the New Year

The new year is starting out bumpy Starting the year, I thought I had found a new job.  The offer letter was with the HR department, but then I got a call. The position had been pulled due to the company being purchased and they did not want to add to their bottom...

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A New Year, a New Decade

As we start a new year and a new decade, I think back over not only the past year but decade. So much has happened. Louis and Loren graduated high school and then college and have started their careers. Loren is working in her field of child development and...

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Christmases Remembered

Since this month is December I can think of no other topic more appropriate to talk about than Christmas. At this time of year I always think back to our past Christmases. There are so many memories, including the year Lou and his twin sister, Loren, were 3 and we all...

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