All parents dream of their children growing up, becoming adults and starting their own life. Both Lou and Loren have started on their career path and it is fun to watch their journey.

Lou has always had difficulty socializing with kids his own age. Throughout his school career he had an aide and for his safety was never without close adult supervision. He couldn’t run around with the kids, so gravitated toward the adults. As his grade school aide said when speaking of Lou, he was a 60 year old in a 5 year old’s body. Over the years, I told him that when he was older the kids would turn into adults and he would have peers to talk to, the kids just needed time to catch up to him.

Well, socializing is so different than it used to be, and I am not referring to COVID. Even before COVID, there is so much online dating and friendships. Loren has had a best friend for years and she lives in Wyoming. They have never met but they have spent 100’s of hours together watching movies, playing music, ‘going to’ concerts. She now has a friend from Australia and is up all night talking and playing games with him.

Lou has also had many friendships from all over, but imagine my surprise when he said he had a girlfriend named Cassie in Georgia and they were planning on meeting in Tennessee when we went down this past July. Well, COVID and all, we traveled down and they did spend the week together, getting to know each other in person.

Not long after we got home, Lou told me that he and Cassie were planning on her moving up to New York in September and they were going to get an apartment. Well all of that has come to pass. Cassie has been here since September and we can see how happy they are together.

After much discussion and looking at available apartments, we decided to look for a place to buy and the kids would rent from us. This way they would not need to sign a lease for a year. We closed on a townhouse this month and have been painting and cleaning for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, they will be in by Christmas.

This is a very exciting time for Cassie and Lou as well as us as we welcome a new addition to our family!

Welcome aboard Cassie!

Talk to you next month. Until then, may you be blessed with warmth in your home, love in your heart, peace in your soul and joy in your life.

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