Another successful trip this past month. Four days at Turning Stone. Lou and I played a round of golf while the kids slept in. Playing golf, like everything else, has new rules due to social distancing. Only 1 person per golf cart. I wanted to walk so we asked if Lou could have both sets of clubs on the one cart and that was OK so it worked out well. Lou actually walked a couple of holes and I walked the rest. No water coolers on the course or ball washers. You do not take the flag out anymore. The cup is shallower so your ball doesn’t really disappear into the hole any more and you can pick it out without touching the cup or flag. We had a great time golfing and have now gone a few times to our local course. At that course the cup is up out of the hole so you just aim to hit the cup and it bounces off. No more hitting on the green and losing your ball only to find it in the cup. A phenomenon that I have heard of but, never experienced, that is for sure!

The boys and I also took a trip to the casino. Loren stayed in the trailer. I didn’t play but the boys played three card poker.  Face masks were required throughout the facility, you had to pass security where they asked if you have a fever or been near someone with COVID. Once you passed them you walked a couple of feet and were asked to remove your mask. They took your picture and then put your mask back on and you proceeded to the casino. Every 10 feet there was a hand sanitizer machine. Even in the elevator, so after you pushed the floor button, you can use the hand sanitizer. I actually liked that.  

Lou found a three card poker table with only 2 people playing one end so we sat down on the other end. At the tables you had to wear gloves also, so we put them on and the dealer squirted hand sanitizer into your gloved hand. I sat between Big Lou and Louis so I could peek at both of their hands. Big Lou’s second hand was a straight flush. He had been waiting years for that hand. The payout was over $800. Unfortunately, after that one he couldn’t win another hand and Louis’s cards were even worse so we didn’t stay long. Big Lou is a very disciplined player and when he wins he doesn’t put it all back in, once he starts to lose he gets up so he walks away a winner. He taught me that on our first date which was at Turning Stone.

Due to bad weather that was forecasted for the morning we were leaving, we packed up and left a day early. That ended up being a good decision as it poured and there is nothing worse than breaking up camp in the rain. 

Our traveling has definitely been cut down this year but, we are starting back up slowly and carefully and will continue to do more in August. 

I hope you are getting out safely also!

Talk to you next month. Until then, may you be blessed with warmth in your home, love in your heart, peace in your soul and joy in your life.

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