I am proud to have a corner in Lou’s website to be able to speak with you. Lou first asked for my participation in his journey by writing the Introduction for his first book, ‘My Disability Doesn’t Define Me’. I was very flattered although I did not know what I was going to write. I thought though, if he can write a whole book I could handle a page or two especially since it was about one of my favorite subjects. Every time I read it I see where I should have used a different word, see something I left out or something I should have left out.

Lou’s path is so different than my own. I have worked for someone else in an office for 40 years. Lou knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur and be his own boss since he was little. When he graduated from college he said he was going to write a book and I thought ‘That’s cute’. Little did I know what he had in mind. He found assistance online with the Self-Publishing School and he researched everything from how to get it published, starting a business and creating the actual book.  

The Self-Publishing School then announced they were having a conference in Austin, Texas and of course, Lou wanted to go. I was in a panic. He is 22 years old, I can’t tell him he can’t go but how is he going to get there and be able to get around on his own? He worked out  accommodations with the School for an aide to be able to attend with him and asked me to go. So off to Austin we went. What an eye opener for me! 

Lou knew some of the people there, having been in the School community online, so it was like seeing old friends. We also made some new fiends and learned a lot about how to make his books into a business. He came home so excited for where he is going next!

Lou’s reason for writing his book was to not only tell his story but to inspire others to not limit themselves. I can’t wait to read the companion book he is working on ‘Your Disability Doesn’t Define You‘ and his fiction book ‘The Best of Both Worlds’.

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