We stuck our toes back in the water of traveling this month. We took a little trip in the travel trailer. I mentioned to Lou that the Turning Stone Casino’s campground was open for travelers within a 120 mile radius. Lou checked it out on MapQuest and we were 115 miles, door to door. Whew! 5 miles to spare! What luck!

Lou called and we got the last available site. 

Check in was easier, no going into the store, just put our masks on and pulled up and gave someone our name and they gave us a map and tag for the car and told us to go on to the site.

No amenities were open; no pool, no activities, no paddle boats, but we don’t do any of that any more so it didn’t matter to us. It has been years since I have been able to guilt the kids into participating in BINGO with me. It is a wonder I have not given up, but I am forever hopeful of getting a ‘Sure’ someday or even an ‘Oh, alright.’

One of Lou’s and my favorite things to do is walk around the campground and see all the different RVs. It is amazing how many different makes and models there are. We took our masks with us in case we needed them and did end up going into the campground’s store.

The casino did have a shuttle that would pick you up at designated spots in the campground, but we opted to not go to the casino this trip.

The other thing that Lou and I enjoy is golfing so even though we did not bring our clubs we did check out the local courses. The 3 par we went to was not open. The 4 par was open and very busy. New rules; 1 person to a golf cart, they did not have water coolers on the course but gave you a bottle of water in your cart. No ball washers on the course. No going inside the club house, check in at first tee, rest rooms closed, restaurant closed and no vending machines available.

Other than that one trip to see the golf courses and get ice for the cooler we stayed at the site. We sat outside and got fresh air and sunshine and played cards at night. It was great getting out and traveling again!

We even booked another couple of days in July. Maybe we will golf and go to the casino this time, but even if we don’t it will still be fun to just be there. 

Talk to you next month. Until then, may you be blessed with warmth in your home, love in your heart, peace in your soul and joy in your life.


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