The new year is starting out bumpy

Starting the year, I thought I had found a new job.  The offer letter was with the HR department, but then I got a call. The position had been pulled due to the company being purchased and they did not want to add to their bottom line. So back to looking and I also started taking some online classes to add some skills to my resume.

Since I stopped working, I have taken over the kids doctor’s appointments and they are not necessarily happy about that. They keep telling me that Dad has not gone in with themselves for years, while I jump right up when their name is called and follow them in.

Last week, Loren and I went to her annual gyn appointment. Our doctor had retired several years ago so even though Loren had been to this doctor many times due to her issues with being poly cystic she had not had an annual exam for over two years. She was nervous and we talked about what would be involved. She asked about a mammography and I told her that at her age she did not have to have one.

Everything was going fine, then the doctor said she felt a lump in her thyroid and we should follow up with her PCP. She said it could be nothing and could be due to Loren’s small stature but we should just let her doctor know.  She then continued her exam and said ‘Well, you seem to have lumps all over!’ She then explained that Loren had a large, she estimated 4 – 5 cm, lump in her right breast. She ordered an ultrasound and mammogram. She said even if the tests show nothing we would still need to see a breast surgeon due to the size.

We made an appointment for the tests and came home. I called her PCP and got us in the same afternoon. Loren has just had her annual in December and the doctor said her labs for her thyroid were fine. She did feel the lump so she ordered new lab work and an ultrasound. The labs again came back normal and the ultrasound is scheduled for next week.

Loren and I spoke about the breast ultrasound and mammogram. I told her the ultrasound was easy, but the mammogram is a little painful. I told her that she might not be tall enough. That you stand in front of the machine and since she was only 4’9” the machine might not go low enough for her. So we had a good laugh about that.

Last Friday we went in for the ultrasound of her breast. They said they do not do mammograms until they get the results of the ultrasound.  This was good news. Maybe we wouldn’t have to do the mammogram.

When they called Loren’s name, I jumped right up. The nurse looked at me and asked ‘Loren?’and I said ‘No, this is Loren.’ I was just waiting for he nurse to tell me to wait in the waiting room. There was no way that was going to happen! Wild horses could not have kept me out of that room! Thank goodness that did not happen and I went in with Loren.

I have been in several ultrasounds but have never been able to see anything. This time was different. I saw something and it looked huge. I thought, ‘That can’t be it, that must just be tissue, what do I know about these things.’ Then the tech started taking measurements of that area and I knew I was seeing it. She measured it at 5 cm.  She then told Loren and I to wait and the doctor would be in shortly.

The doctor said that we needed to schedule a biopsy, that she thought it was a fibroadenoma, but regardless of what the biopsy showed due to the size, it would have to be removed. She said to go out to the waiting room and the nurse would come get us to schedule the biopsy.  As soon as we got out, Loren looked up fibroadenoma and it is a non cancerous tumor. Fingers crossed that will be the results of the biopsy!

Loren wanted to schedule the biopsy during school vacation because she didn’t want to miss work. She did tell me I could schedule during work if I paid her salary. We made it for the February school break, the week after this one and they said we should have the results couple of days after the procedure.

Once we have the results, we will deal with the surgery. Loren has said she doesn’t want to do that until summer break again, stating the alternative would be for me to pay her salary.

I am just so glad she has kept her sense of humor! She does make me laugh!

Please keep Loren in your thoughts and prayers.

To circle back to where I started this with me not getting that job, no one can convince me that God does not have a plan for us. I hear him loud and clear, I need to be home with Loren now, not starting a new job.

Until next month: May you be blessed with warmth in your home, love in your heart, peace in your soul and joy in your life.

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