Are you finding that you are not able to write when you want to? Are you finding that, when you sit down to write, you are not able to have the words pop onto paper?

Don’t stress it! Don’t force words to come. When writing my book, My Disability Doesn’t Define Me, I found that it was hard to write some parts of it (like the pieces for my late friend and contributor to my book, Mr. Paul Moylan). Those two particular pieces took me twelve days to write. I didn’t want to rush it and, sometimes, my ego even came into play and made me wonder, Is this good enough? Will he like it?

When, deep down, I knew that he would like it. I knew that he would like anything that I wrote. I just had to write it.

It was challenging, though, to do that. So, I went out and wrote in some different areas (not always with my computer, though, like I am now).


A few times, I took a pad of paper and a pencil into my backyard and took a look up at the clouds, seeing if there could be any inspiration up there.

Sometimes, though, I would just look up at the clouds and cry, wondering why Mr. Moylan was taken from me so suddenly, at such a young age (he was only 61 when he passed away).

The Library

Sometimes I would go to the library to write. I brought my computer there, though, because they have Internet.

In those different areas, I wanted a change of scenery. The change helped me write because it wasn’t where I was being stuck; it brought me out of my stuck-ness.

The Coffee Shop

I don’t usually drink coffee, but I thought, what the heck? I thought that I could use the coffee to help me spark up some inspiration. Sometimes, the smell of coffee would spark inspiration.

To Summarize…

it really depends on what you like. If you like to be out in nature, go to your backyard. If you like to be surrounded by books (e.g. other creative pieces like you are trying to write), go to your local library. If you want to get a hot beverage (like a coffee or hot chocolate), go to your local coffee shop.

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