We definitely have the travel bug. We take every opportunity to pack up and go some place. The places we traveled to was somewhat dictated by where our timeshare had openings. Every new place we went Lou would say was his favorite place. There are three that have remained our favorites and we go back year after year and that is Myrtle Beach, Williamsburg and Pigeon Forge.

This was the first Easter we have spent at home since the kids were little. We had plans to go to Myrtle Beach but cancelled due to social distancing and stay at home orders. We have also cancelled all of our other travel plans for this summer. We are hopeful that we can make some new plans soon.

In the meantime, Lou has started a garden again. He had given it up as we were usually away when the vegetables were ripe and the woodchucks and deer ate more out of his garden than we did. 

He has been very industrious. He made a raised bed in the side yard and has rototilled quite a large area. He has planted cucumbers, broccoli, squash, tomato, corn, beets, poblano peppers, cabbage, romaine, spinach, beans and eggplant. There are probably other things he didn’t tell me about as well as seeds keep coming in the mail. Since it has been a little cold here, he has a cover over the raised bed and covers it every night and uncovers it in the morning.

It is funny, Lou is not known for his patience, but when it comes to the garden he is. Since he grew up on the vegetable farm, he understands the whole process, unlike me, who expects to see the vegetables every time I go out and look at the garden. Lou told me we wouldn’t see them for several months, but I can almost taste them now and hate to have to wait.

So it seems like patience is the name of the game for everything right now, fresh vegetables and traveling. Not sure what I am looking forward to more.

Stay safe.

Talk to you next month. Until then, May you be blessed with warmth in your home, love in your heart, peace in your soul and joy in your life.

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