Scare-A-Con is a horror film festival that was held in Verona, New York. Since I started writing this post in October 2018, they have moved locations to the Rochester Riverside Hotel in Rochester, New York. They held it a few weekends ago, and I thought that this was a great opportunity not only to speak about it, but to also give shout outs to a few of my favorite groups.

in 2015, I started going to a horror film festival convention in Verona, New York, at Turning Stone Resort and Casino called Scare-A-Con. I had such a fun time that weekend that I went back in 2016, 2017, and for 2018.

Two of my Facebook friends told me of the convention in 2015, and I loved the idea of it because I would be able to hang out with them for a weekend! So, I spoke with my family, and I bought the tickets straight away—and I’m glad I did because it’s a very popular event! Over the years, I have met some wonderful people while attending the convention. I took this year to go and reconnect with them as well as make new friends. Some of the people I reconnected with were:

  • Hathaway’s Elemental Light
  • Deadly Grounds Coffee
  • Candy Kames

PIT CRU NY: It’s always a magical time when Scare-A-Con comes around because I get to visit my dear friends from Syracuse who are in a paranormal investigation team there.

Hathaway’s Elemental Light: I met these two beautiful beams of light about three years ago when I first went to Scare-A-Con. Barb is an amazing bundle of energy, as is her nephew, Arron. When going to their booth, I always find an instant smile inching onto my face, as they are two people who just “get me.” We met three years ago when I first started going to the convention, and I have been visiting them every year since.

Deadly Grounds Coffee: In 2018, my friends from Hathaway’s Elemental Light were next to the premiere coffee booth of the convention: Deadly Grounds Coffee.

I took this year as the opportunity to finally try out their coffee and I’m so glad that I did! Before this year, I hadn’t been much of a coffee drinker, but they turned me onto coffee! I bought three bags of their coffee, and I’m greatly looking forward to brewing them at my home!

For those of you who know of this wonderful coffee company, or would like to check them out, the one that I bought were their Breakfast Blend and the Hell’s Fury. The one I sampled was the Chocolate Cherry—as it was explained to me, you still know that you’re drinking coffee, but you can taste the chocolate and cherry; not necessarily as an “aftertaste,” but an “oh! There are chocolate and cherry in here!” I took it as a pleasant surprise at every sip. (The coffees in this paragraph are only the ones I remember now; I bought way too many to remember them all … The caffeine really got to me.)

Candy Kames: I also went to visit my friends at Candy Kames and bought some of their delectable chocolates. Due to their popularity, they turn over their inventory rather quickly—that thought was further solidified in my brain when Barb urged me to go check Candy Kames out since she was selling out rather quickly.

When I was finally able to find them and make my purchase, I could see that they were selling out rather quickly! At the beginning of the convention, it took me forever to find them as they were in the middle of an aisle this year, as opposed to on the end, as they had been in previous years.

If you’d like to learn more about my friends and their businesses that I mentioned above, find these amazing people at:

Have you been to Scare-A-Con? I’d love to hear your stories if you have! Please share them in the comments!

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