The Springfield RV show is this weekend and we are making our annual trip over to see the new RVs and plan our vacations for this summer. We are not planning on buying an RV, but you never know with my parents.

Our first camping trip, we went tent camping in Herikmer. Our campsite was on a river and we went fishing and dad cooked hot dogs over the fire. We had s’mores for dessert and sat around the campfire talking. It started to rain so we went inside the tent. It was pouring and then we heard a loud clap of thunder. We ended up in the truck for the night due to the storm. This was our first and last tent camping trip.

We went shopping for a travel trailer. We ended up getting a 17 foot hybrid travel trailer. A hybrid has tents at the ends of the trailer that you fold up when you travel. The tents are the beds and Loren and I slept on one end and we used the other for storage. We took weekend trips all around where we lived and even a couple of week long trips to Cape Cod and Gettysburg.

One Memorial Day weekend we went camping in Cooperstown. It was rainy and cold. The trailer had a heater, but the pilot light kept going out. Dad had to go out and relight it but the wind and rain would just put it out again. Following that ordeal, my mom and dad decided we should just go home instead of staying the next night. Good thing we did, it snowed that night. I was glad to be warm in my bed at home!

That was the last trip we took in the hybrid. Mom and dad traded it in for a 19 foot hard shell travel trailer (my sister and I were ecstatic!). This new trailer had bunk beds, a double for the bottom bunk that mom and dad slept on and a twin above that we used for storage. A couch turned into a bed and the dining table also became a bed. Loren and I took turns sleeping on there. We had many good times in this trailer. We went to New Hampshire, Maine, Williamsburg, Cape Cod and all over New York. Every night we played games or sat by the campfire talking and laughing. We were at the Saugerties campground for the Garlic festival and dad had decided Loren should try to sleep on the upper bunk bed so he wouldn’t disturb her when he got up in the morning. She was taking a nap up there when she had her first seizure. An ambulance took her and mom to the hospital. We ended up going straight home and dad went back to get the trailer the next day. That was the end of that trailer and of camping at that campsite.

We went to the RV show in Hershey and mom and dad traded the 19 foot for a 26 footer. The 7 feet difference is a bedroom. Other than that the trailers are pretty much the same. This one we have taken the furthest and longest trips in as we have spent 2 weeks in Tennessee the past couple of summers.

There has not been any sign or incident that I can point to that would signal we are getting a new camper this time, but a guy can dream and that is what an RV show is all about.

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