Kids learn at an early age what it takes to get their way. Who hasn’t been in the store and seen that harried parent of the toddler who was saying ‘Can I have that, Mom? Please? Pleeeeeeease? Pleeeeeease? Why not?’ You can see that the mom is trying to hold on and be strong but that she is near the end of her rope and you try to catch her eye to give her some moral support. Well Lou was a champ at this! He was so good that even professionals gave in to him! 

You all know Lou’s beginning so know that if he was not a fighter, he would not have made it out of the Neonatal ICU (NICU). His dad and I always said he was relentless and we did not necessarily think of it as a positive trait. I have come to realize that it is. 

There are many instances that I remember that displays this tenacity, but the one that makes his dad and I laugh every time we think about it is this one.  It happened in the pediatricians office during the kids annual exam.

As part of the exam the doctor took out a tongue depressor from his coat’s breast pocket and said open wide and say ‘Aaaaaah’. Lou did and then saw that there were others in the doctors pocket so he asked, ‘Can I have one of those?’ 

The doctor said. ‘No’ and moved on to examine his ears. ‘No’ to Lou meant not right now, just ask again, so he did, ‘Can I have one of those?’ The doctor replied, ‘No, these are medical supplies, they are not toys’. That sounded reasonable and the doctor probably thought that was the end of that, but no! 

Lou let a little time pass and the doctor asked him how he was eating and how much milk he drank. So Lou answered him and then figured this would be a good time to bring it up again so he asked, ‘Can I have one of those?’ 

Lou must have asked a dozen times and finally the doctor said, ‘ Here Lou’ and gave him one! I couldn’t believe the doctor was giving in, a professional that must hear requests from his patients all day long and he gave in! We just smiled at the doctor, said thank you and took Lou home.

His tenacity and not taking No for an answer has served Lou well. He continues to set goals for himself and never gives up. From his first book, to working on his second and third books and starting a monthly newsletter! He is continuing to set goals and see them through with that same dogged determination he had when his goal was getting a tongue depressor.

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